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Our goal is to standardize the level of Hypnotherapy Training across our great nation.

Great training at a great price with great continuing education and followup.  Without one of those steps, your healing practice is in jeopardy. And you will not be a hypnotherapist if you do not have any clients. WE help you along the way.

Hypnotherapy is a serious profession, that stands on its own. This non invasive modality supports the practitioner to get to the heart of the situation whether it is emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. Our instructors are trained not only in hypnotherapy but in business, in their own practices so that you get first hand support in building your practice as well as your confidence to practice hypnotherapy.

It can also support your already successful practice.This modality with other healing practices are amazing at getting to the healing of the client.

YOU Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy is Canada’s Premium Hypnotherapy Training Center. Not only do we provide valuable and current training in hypnotherapy, we support you in your practice and in your business. The best part of it all, we support you in creating a confidence that allows you to become an exceptional hypnotherapist.

Y.O.U. Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy Is Your Hypnotherapy Career Training School!

The best time to plan for a new career is now and we can help!

Hypnotherapy gives you the credibility to create a new career. The time tested techniques taught at YOU Academy will have you in your own practice in a short period of time.