Hypnotherapy 4 - CopyIt depends. Every situation is different.

For me, I had quit my job. I had kids at home. My husband was also self employed. And so for me, I was driven to ensure I had an income.

And Hypnotherapy gave a sense of credibility that I could add to my coaching skills that allowed my clients to have amazing results.

Here is why you may want to use hypnotherapy in addition to what you are already doing.

It really shortcuts the obstacle process. Your client does not know what they do not know and neither do you. In hypnotherapy you will be able to uncover things that talking will not.

For example: Man, 49 years old, has a difficult relationship with his father. In fact the entire 49 years has been difficult. And he has no idea why. He was not beaten. He was given a great education.   During Session 6, he regressed back to conception. He was able to describe the arguments his mom and dad had, he was able to describe in detail his birth,(heartrate was quite labored) and what he heard from his father when he was born, “Ahh, he’s a wee one, he is not going to amount to much.”  His entire life he had been trying to amount to something and not succeeding. When we cleared this, he was able to have a great relationship with his Dad.  No amount of money would be able to replace that relationship.

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