Choosing a great hypnotherapist is actually harder than you might think.

Just because someone says they are a certified hypnotherapist does not mean they are or that they are certified with any skill.  Hypnotherapy is not a regulated modality in Canada so anyone can put up a shingle and say that they had some training and they are now qualified. Very similar to Reiki masters who are qualified in 3 weekends for less than a grand.

So how do you know if the training that was provided to the therapist was any good. There are several associations that have schools that require the curriculum to be approved. IMDHA is one of those organizations. IMDHA stands for International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association located in the US. The approved schools must have 220 hours of training for their students to qualify to be a member. They also have Continuing Education Credits for each year that must be completed. So that is a start.

Just because someone has been certified for a number of years does not mean they have been successful, they might have one client per week which is not a full time practice. They may only deal with depression or stress which is great but it may not be what you are looking for.

So how do you decide.

First decide what you want to work on.

Ask the therapist the questions that relate to your ailment and if they can help them

How long have they been helping people with it.

How long will it take

How much will it cost

How long they have been practicing

Just because someone is new does not mean they are not very good. I have seen older hypnotists including psychologists that have not kept up with the modern advances that are not as effective as the new ones.

Most importantly is how confident they are in helping you. If they are not confident, well, neither will you be.

Hypnotherapy is not new. We have documented over 4000 years ago people hypnotizing people. It is also the best modality to support any modality out there. It is a compliment to the medical profession, the psychiatric profession, the education profession, the sports profession and every other profession out there.

To get help here, one must only be willing to see a change

Corinne Ropp is the director and trainer of YOU Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy in Vancouver BC.

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  1. Ernest London

    Thanks for the tips for choosing a hypnotherapist. I have a lot of depression and anxiety issues, and I am looking for somebody that can help me work on them. I heard hypnotherapy could be helpful, so I am trying to find somebody that does it. I like that you mentioned to ask how long the hypnotherapist has been helping people with your issue. That way, you can make sure they are experienced and good at their job.

    • Corinne

      Anxiety and depression are common experiences especially since we live in an uncertain world. What is it that you want help with and where are you from.My email is Please contact me through there and I would love to communicate with you

      Corinne Ropp
      YOU Academy


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