Having a baby is a beautiful experience, it is time to remember!

Women, we have been having babies for centuries. We know how!

And when we are allowed to have our babies without fear, we can enjoy the experience.

You CAN have a peaceful pleasant pregnancy and birth, you just need to remember how and we can show you.

The Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing is one of the most respected ways of learning how to have a baby in peace and calmness.

You will learn how to relax your body and your mind using hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques so that you can have your baby in absolute peace.

Coming to New Leaf Wellness Center April 9,2018 ,

How HypnoBirthing Works!

  • Mom and Birth Companion Training

    Having a baby is a wonderful experience. And our society tends to support the fear of childbirth more than the ease of childbirth. HypnoBirthing Classes through self hypnosis and hypnotherapy support the  relaxation of  the body and mind so that the body can do what it is designed to do.

  • Relaxation Training

    We have all heard the different of childbirth stories, some great and some not so great. During class we support in letting go of the past assumptions and fear of childbirth. Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis is the modality that supports relaxation easily and effortlessly. Our classes, videos, and hypnosis recordings will have your relaxed all though your pregnancy as well as childbirth.

  • Holistic Training

    A holistic approach with medical backup is the key.  Having a baby is natural and while sometimes there is need for medical intervention, the natural process is what many are wanting to do first

  • Science Training

    Knowledge is power and when everyone knows what is happening, how the muscles work, how the hormones work, and how the baby and the mama’s body work together to create the perfect labour.

Classes start April 9,2018 at New Leaf Wellness Center.