Level 1 Hypnotist Program

In this introductory course, the participants will learn about the history of hypnosis and how it has been shaped in the last century.  They will learn how hypnosis works, how to recognize the signs and levels of hypnosis, and the responsibility of the hypnotherapist. Participants will be able to professionally conduct an educated conversation with their client so that their client feels at ease, is educated on what will happen, and trusts that this will benefit them.


Introduction to Hypnosis

Hypnosis Programs

History of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapists

Current Hypnotherapists

Dave Elman

John Kappas

John Murphy

Definitions of Hypnosis

IMDHA Definition

Descriptions and Theories of Hypnosis

Common Misconceptions of Hypnosis

Understanding Hypnosis

Fight or Flight

Levels and Stages of Hypnosis

The Hypnotherapy Session

The Mind Model

Kappas Theory of the Mind

Establishing Rapport

Blank Sheet Exercise

Self Hypnosis

Coaching Program Questionnaire

Theory of Physical and Emotional Suggestibility

Rapport and how to support your client

Session Notes

Client Trust


Pre requisite: None

Length of Program:  40 hours of Intensive In class training, 20 hours of Practical Work (self study)

Evaluation: In class Written and Oral Exam

Certification: Hypnotist