Level 2 Master Hypnotist Program

Participants in this program will continue on their skills in hypnotherapy. The understanding of suggestibility, both physical and emotional, as well as the sexual suggestibility will be discussed. Participants will be able to complete formal and informal inductions. Progressive Relaxations as well as Therapies will be taught. Deepeners and the understanding of the entire hypnotherapy session will be performed by the participant.

Pre requisite: Hypnotist Program

Length of Program:  60 hours of Intensive In class training, 20 hours of Practical Work (self study)

Evaluation: In class Practical Exam, Written Exam

Certification: Master Hypnotist (MH)



Tests for Hypnotizability

Theory – Emotional and Physical Suggestibility

Balanced Suggestibility

Suggestibility Questionnaires

Sexual Suggestibility Questionnaires


Direct and Indirect



Formal Inductions

Informal Inductions

Instant Inductions

Testing for Depth of Trance

Ways to Create Amnesia

Ways to Create Anesthesia

Dave Elman Induction

Deepening Techniques

Basic Therapies

Progressive Relaxations


Dental Anxiety

Pain Relief

Group Hypnosis