Becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist is a Career Game Changer!

Join us every Sunday in August at 1 pm at Shawanda Wellness Center in Kelowna for 60 minutes of relaxation and some information to find out more about our Hypnotherapy Diploma.

This is not a light weight class. It is 220 hours of training. We are holding class on Monday and Tuesdays starting September 17 and 18,2017.

And we are holding it LIVE right in Kelowna.

And this is not just a one time thing. It is our goal to support Kelowna by doing two classes a year as well as a part time class in October. We are also looking for a teacher who is called to look after the Kelowna Hypnotherapy Training Center.

Hypnotherapy is the key to grounding your energy and healing what you are not aware of but your are reacting to.